VIMMA, album release

Sat 28th Sept  5 pm
Music Theatre Kapsäkki

VIMMA is a young art-pop ensemble from Helsinki combining Nordic folk with progressive rock. VIMMA creates a massive sound with specific arrangements while also leaving space for artistic interpretation and improvisation. The band’s music is mostly composed by its producer and violinist Pessi Jouste. \”Vimma\” is a Finnish word for furor and excitement that represents the artists’ passion for imagining utopian worlds and awakening their audiences to bring about change for a more sustainable future. Topical lyrics and spoken word poetry bring extra vitality and excitement to the energetic music.

At Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival VIMMA celebragtes the release of their debut album Meri ja Avaruus (Sea and Space, Eclipse Music).

VIMMA at Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival:

Eeva Rajakangas – vocals, acoustic guitar
Pessi Jouste – violin
Jaakko Arola – saxophones
Otto Porkkala – electric guitar
Aino Kallio – piano
Santeri kettu – bass
Aapo Lankinen – drums


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