Trad.Attack! (EE)

Fri 27.9.2019 22:00
Music Theatre Kapsäkki

TRAD.ATTACK! is the most extraordinary Estonian band which has turned Estonian music market upside down by bringing folk music to the big stages and all over mainstream media. In five years Trad.Attack! has received 21 music awards in Estonia and toured in 37 countries from Chile to Australia and played at significant festivals such as Eurosonic, WOMEX, WOMAD and Transmusicales to mention some.

Trad.Attack! plays their own interpretation of Estonian folk drawing inspiration from archive recordings of Estonian folk singers and instrumentalists. Trad.Attack! brings their voices to the 21st century building modern sound and pulsating rhythmic structures around them, with incredible modern drive, power and charisma. In May 2017 Trad.Attack! released their second album “KULLAKARVA – SHIMMER GOLD” and are currently touring around the world.

Sandra Vabarna – bagpipes, vocals, jew’s harp, flutes
Jalmar Vabarna – guitar, vocals
Tõnu Tubli – drums, vocals

Spotify: Kullakarva (2017)

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