Tuuletar — Vocal folk hop

Sat 29.9. 7.30pm, Music Theatre Kapsäkki

Tuuletar (Goddess of The Wind) is a vocal folk hop group who takes Finnish musical tradition abroad with a novel approach. The singers use only their voices to create a vivid soundscape with beatbox rhythms and global influences.

Tuuletar’s debut album Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal ( Bafe’s Factory, 2016) has won numerous awards and been playlisted and positively reviewed worldwide. Right now Tuuletar’s song Alku (The Beginning) is spreading all over Europe as a theme music of Game Of Thrones DVD-trailer.

Tuuletar has headlined festivals such as Sur Jahan in India, Vienna’s Voice Mania, Taiwan A Cappella Festival and Christmas Tokyo. Tuuletar will perform this year at WOMAD and Songlines Encounters in UK, Finest Sounds in Japan and Ritmo in Hungary to name a few.

Spotify: Tules maas vedes taivaal (2016)

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