Terms and conditions for the Songwriter Contest

Terms and conditions for the Songwriter Contest

1. The Organizer

The Songwriter Contest (Lauluntekijäkilpailu) is a part of Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival. The competition and the festival are organized and produced by Saura Ohjelmapalvelu Oy (Saura Booking Agency).

2. Participation

The Songwriter contest is open for anyone who writes their own music and is over 16 years of age. The competition song must be mainly written by the contestant. On stage in the finale they can be accompanied by 1-2 other musicians.

3. The structure of the contest

The Songwriter Contest consists of two rounds: The preliminary round based on recordings and the finale at Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival on 29th September 2018. The organizer decides the number of contestants in the finale. The contestant must be available for the whole finale day.

4. Registering

The registration for the preliminary round is done by filling in a Google Forms questionnaire. To be able to complete the questionnaire, the contestant must have a Google account. The competition song must be uploaded as a mp3 file with maximum length of 5 minutes. The competition song must be unreleased: it means the song is free from label or distribution contracts and is not a part of an album or EP release. However, it is possible to participate with a song that the writer themselves has uploaded to a social media platform (YouTube, Soundcloud etc). Also a photo of the contestant, a short bio text and a technical rider for the finale are to be submitted. The registration ends on 31st July 2018.

5. The finale 29th September 2018

All contestants will be informed about the results of the preliminary round by 30th August 2018. The finale set must consist of two songs. One of them can be the same as the competition song at the preliminary round but they can be other songs too. The same rules apply to the finale songs. The maximum length of the finale set is 10 minutes. The finale is open to public free of charge and the festival organization promotes the finale via its marketing channels. A meal will be served to the contestants on the finale day.

6. The jury

The jury of the Songwriter Contest is led by the artistic director of the festival. The jury consists of the representatives of a booking agency and a label company and two other music business professionals. The lineup of the jury will be published by 15th September 2018.

7. Prizes

The winner of the Songwriter Contest gets an opportunity for a paid gig in Helsinki, a mentoring session at a recording company or a booking agency and a promotion package with a photo and a bio text.

8. Additional information

The contestants are responsible for their own expense (travel, accommodation etc). The organizer has the right to record the finale with any video and audio devices and broadcast, publish and distribute photos and recordings via internet, its social media channels and on marketing materials.

The official language of the Songwriter Contest is Finnish. If this translation on Terms and Conditions contradicts the Finnish original, the terms in Finnish are applied.

Knowledge of Finnish language is not required of contestants.