Festival Program

MAIJA KAUHANEN  — One-woman folk orchestra

Fri 28.9. 8pm, Music Theatre Kapsäkki

 Maija Kauhanen by Antti Kokkola

ÄIJÄ: Pekko Käppi, Girilal Baars, Taito Hoffrén, Eero Turkka
— Male Polyphony

Fri 28.9. 9.30pm, Restaurant Kapsäkki

ÄIJÄ A Male Polyphone

LAU NAU QUARTET: Pekko Käppi, Samuli Kosminen & Matti Bye
— Spectral otherness

Sat 29.9. 5pm, Music Theatre Kapsäkki

LAU NAU Kvartetti

ELSI SLOAN — Fresh pop storytelling

Sat 29.9. 6.30pm, Restaurant Kapsäkki

Elsi Sloan

TUULETAR — Vocal folk hop

Sat 29.9. 7.30pm, Music Theatre Kapsäkki

Tuuletar Vocal Folk Hop

— Stories and soundscapes

Sat 29.9. 8.30pm, Restaurant Kapsäkki

John McGregor & Jarmo Saari by A-J Rantala

SUISTAMON SÄHKÖ — Karelian folktronica

Sat 29.9. 9.30pm, Music Theatre Kapsäkki

Suistamon Sähkö





Songwriter contest

The registration for the Songwriter Contest is over. We would like to thank all participants for your involvement!

Based on the recordings, a group of 4-8 songwriters will be invited for a finale. All contestants will be informed about the results of the preliminary round by 30th August 2018.

The finale is open and free for audience.



Do you have new song ideas just waiting to be found?  We would love to hear your new tunes!

Welcome to take part to the



at Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival on 29th September. The finale takes place at Restaurant Kapsäkki in Helsinki.

The competition is for singer-songwriters who write the melodies and lyrics mainly themselves. The competition song must be unreleased and free from label or distribution contracts. Based on the recordings, a group of 4-8 songwriters will be invited for a finale. On the finale stages the contestant can be accompanied by 1-2 other musicians. The finale is open and free for audience.

The jury consists of experienced professionals at music business. The prizes for the winner include a mentoring session at a record company or booking agency and a promotion package. All finalists will be given feedback.

The Songwriter Contest is organized by Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival and Saura Booking Agency. Please read carefully the competition terms and conditions before registering.

Additional information: Laura Salokoski, laura(a)

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Ticket prices

2-day Festival Pass 52,50€ (+possible delivery fee)

The Festival Pass guarantees access to all concerts. The pass is to be changed for a wristband at the door.

The tickets in Music Theatre Kapsäkki concerts can also be purchased separately:

Fri 28.9.2018 8pm: Maija Kauhanen 22,50€ (+possible delivery fee)
Sat 29.9.2018 5pm: Lau Nau Kvartetti 22,50€ (+possible delivery fee)
Sat 29.9.2018 7.30pm: Tuuletar 22,50€ (+possible delivery fee)
Sat 29.9.2018 9.30pm: Suistamon Sähkö 22,50€ (+possible delivery fee)

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